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I have  worked for the past 12 years as a freelance illustrator for a multitude of gaming companies and game lines. Illustrating  such RPG’s ,CCG’s as  D&D, Shadowrun, Battle Tech., Mutants & Masterminds, L5R, 7th Sea, Dead Lands, and Spy Craft in which he has over 200 publications to date! I have also worked for Hasbro doing conceptual design on the movie Small Soldiers as well as designing the look for the Action-man cartoon and toy line! Recently I has completed a 2 issue stint on the Starship Troopers comic from Markosia and the The Case of Harlan Falk also from Markosia. I have also been blessed to work with Erik Larsen on 2 Savage Dragon back-up stories for Image Comics.

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