Friday, September 20, 2013

Pencil to inks to my tweaked inks!

Recently I had an inker.... Ian Sherman ink over me in Savage Dragon #191....I sent off my pencils and soon  his inks came in and I noticed changes were made...instead of making a stink about him not asking my permission to change my work I took it upon myself to change it back as close as I could to the pencils, so that it better represented MY work!...The time for crediting the book came around and the letter asked how the inking should be credited I told him what I had done and the letter was going to put my name first and I said no if I'm credited it should come second. So the book comes out and the inker is now upset that I did not ask him for permission to change the inks..... tho he altered my work without permission?...Now he's stating I did was very little just to get a co-inker credit......Here is what the pencils looked like his inks looked like and what my alterations look like and I'll let you be the judge!

Ian's inks

 My tweaks and changes

Ian's inks
My tweaks and additions


Nikki Volpanini said...

I can't see any difference...

Aircrash said...

Um... sorry. I can hardly see any difference. I actually took it in to photoshop so I could see one over the other and there are maybe a dozen strokes that are slightly different? I don't think that deserves any credit really.

Scott James Art said...

considering I had to beef up all the line weights add details on all the pages

Adam Cheal said...

I do not think that you did enough to credit yourself as co-inker. You could have just asked the inker to add more weight to the lines, if thats what you wanted. As far as your comment about the inker "altering" your pencils; If you are adding ink to pencils, you are changing them, right? I would love to see a page of YOUR own ink directly over your own pencils and then compare it to the original inks. If you are so accomplished at inking and didn't want it changed from your original pencils, why didn't you just ink your own work?

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